About Me

About me:

Photography has always been an important part of my life and a big passion. I finished my studies in horticulture and plant sciences at the Universities FH Osnabrück and the University Hohenheim of Stuttgart in the year 2012 and started to work in the social sector afterwards. Photography and art still remained important for me. In 2020 I finished an additional education as graphic designer at the OFG (Onlineschule für Gestaltung) and started to get professional with photography in 2021.


About my work:

I consider photography as a form of digital painting with colours and light. In my photos I want to capture
botanical patterns and structures of flowers and leaves as well.
Also the colours are an important part of my work. In some of the pictures I use digital image editing and make the colours more intense or change them. This has the effect that the plants seem to glow in the dark. So the natural context gets detached and makes them seem artificial. For me the important aspect of a picture is the artistic expression of the selected motive.
During my studies of horticulture I have been several times in the Dominican Republic (2007-2010) and had been quite fascinated by the tropical vegetation. Back in Germany I took pictures of ornamental and common plants in gardens, in nature and in parks always trying to capture the essence of them.


Helena Hamann