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“ I don’t want to show you how you want to be seen – I want to show you how you really are.“

Capture the moment

“ In some moments time stands still, and the picture lasts.“

Urban and Landscapes

Nature Art-prints

The beauty of nature as well as city landscapes captured in one composition. Printed in high quality on eligible material.

Latest Series: In The Moment


During the filming of the movie „The Serial Dater“ (Director: Gülce Öztürk), I was able to document – as part of the film set – what happened behind the scenes. It fascinated me to get to know the various actors as they truly are and capture this in portrait shots. For me, it was a unique experience to see how many people contributed to making each scene perfect. 

Art Prints
About the Shooting

„Ich habe mich vor Helenas Kamera sehr wohl gefühlt, und das, obwohl ich sonst gar nicht gerne im Fokus stehe. Sie hat eine sehr angenehme und vertrauensvolle Stimmung geschaffenen und so hat das Shooting wirklich Spaß gemacht! Die Ergebnisse sind toll und haben einen ganz individuellen Touch.“ ( Julie H.)

About Artprints

“ Für mich war es eine große Freude ein Kunstwerk von Frau Hamann zu haben, das dank der Hochwertigen Materialien auch Heute noch strahlt.“ (Diego)

About Events

„Helena accompanied us at our wedding day with her phenomenal photography. She was not only able to capture the most wonderful moments, she also transformed them into art.“ (Simon & Shama)

My Philosophy

„As an artist and photographer, my philosophy is rooted in the belief that every image is a story waiting to be told. My work is a blend of observation, emotion, and the subtle interplay of light and shadow, inspired by my diverse background in graphic design, horticulture, and social work. I am drawn to the dramatic and moody aesthetics of Film Noir, which I integrate with my deep appreciation for the natural world and human experience. 

My goal is to capture moments that speak not only to the eyes but to the soul, creating a visual narrative that resonates with honesty and depth. Through my lens, I seek to explore the unseen, to uncover the beauty in the mundane, and to evoke a sense of wonder and introspection. I believe in the power of photography to connect, to inspire, and to transcend language and culture, creating a universal dialogue of empathy and understanding.“ 

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