For events I charge by the hour and provide access to a wide selection of the images I took, on average about 20-30 pictures per hour. If you are planning an event with a social benefit I am happy to offer a reduced price.

 1 hour: 200 Euro; every additional hour 90 Euro


Private Sessions: portrait, bodouir, family, pregnancy, dating profile pictures

Package 1 – 120 Euro

30 minute shooting, professional editing and private usage rights for 5 images of your choice.

Paket 2 – 180 Euro

60 minute shooting, professional editing and private usage rights for 10 images of your choice.

Paket 3 – 240 Euro

90 minute shooting, professional editing and private usage rights for 20 images of your choice.




Initial Consultation: Each of our packages includes a comprehensive pre-shoot telephone consultation. During this session, we will explore your personal preferences and ideas, working collaboratively to identify the perfect conditions for your photoshoot.

Process: Following the photoshoot, all images will be securely backed up. I will then proceed with an initial selection, filtering out any images that, in my view, do not meet technical standards. Subsequently, I will provide you with a link to a gallery with a selection of the best images.

Editing: Included in the package prices is an optimization of your images. This enhancement involves adjustments to brightness, contrast, color, and framing, as well as a natural beauty retouching process to address skin blemishes and fine lines.

Delivery: Upon completion of the final edits, your images will be made available through a shared folder, e.g. Google Drive. You will have 14 business days to download your pictures, after which the link will be deactivated.

Usage Rights: Once your invoice is fully paid, you will have unrestricted private, non-commercial usage rights to your images, unless otherwise agreed upon. This means you are free to print, display, and share your photos on social media. Redistribution of the images for commercial use by third parties, or any commercial exploitation of the images themselves, is not permitted without prior agreement.


Additional Services


Weekend/Holiday Surcharge: The prices listed above are valid for photoshoots from Monday to Saturday. Should you specifically request a photoshoot on a Sunday or public holiday, there will be an additional charge of €50.00.

Additional Images: Should you desire more images than those included in your chosen package, this can certainly be accommodated. For private use, each additional image, including editing and usage rights, is charged at €15.00. If you wish to obtain usage rights for all remaining unedited images from the shoot, a flat fee of €250.00 will be applied.

Photoshoot Extension: Extending your booked photoshoot time during the session is possible. Each additional half hour is charged at €50.00. Please note, this does not include additional images.

Location Costs: If the creation of the images requires renting a space, these costs will be billed based on the actual expenses incurred. A photostudio in Lichtenberg is available for 40€ per hour.

Re-uploading Images: Should you lose the images or fail to download them within the 14-day timeframe, I can re-upload the edited material for you, provided I still have the images saved. For this service, a flat processing fee of €30.00 will be charged.